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You push off, wings carrying you into the sky, up and up you go and towards the horizon so I can no longer see you. When I turn to leave, one of your feathers glides down and lands softly in my way, it is mine now, so perfect and white. A memory of you for me. - | 21 | Yellow. Instagram @adria_mae

everyone:are you okay
everyone:you look tired
everyone:you look upset
everyone:you look confused
everyone:are you mad at me
everyone:what happened to you
everyone:are you sick
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6. Have you ever dated someone twice?
Yeah I have, like I’ve broken up and we’re now together so I guess that’s twice

80. Broken someone’s heart?
I don’t know that I’ve broken their heart, I think I’ve hurt people, yes

93. What would you label yourself?
A narcissistic extremest in need of a haircut….. Hahhahaha.
Sorry - but on a serious note incase this is a different person from the recent anons - the truth is I wouldn’t label myself at all, there’d be much too much soul destruction in the process

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by George Holz, Back of Alicia, Camp Holz, Phoenicia, 1998.


by George Holz, Back of Alicia, Camp Holz, Phoenicia, 1998.

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Anonymous asked: your hair is nice but a wee bit too long maybe you should get a trim (:


haha thanks captain hair watch! ………r u serious. Wow

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13. How many people have you had sex with this year?
one person in real life, but one more in my daydreams and it was roger federer in a batman suit.

35. Most visited webpage?
Equal tie between and

50. Tattoo’s?
I have 4 - a lighthouse, a date, sunday, and paradise.

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All I want is more hours in the sun

All I want is more hours in the sun

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"Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final."
Rainer Maria Rilke (via the-healing-nest)

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5. Last time you cried ?
Out of sadness the last time i honestly cried was when Rita died on Dexter the TV show. Still not over it haha.
Out of joy and though, was only yesterday when writing mum an email.

29. Something I cannot wait for?
Thats easy - EUROPE! 64 days to go!
And also chocolate in bulk over this easter long weekend.

39. Zodiac Sign?

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